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Version 1.1.0 introduces a new feature: the oTranCe-Connector.

The goal

When your application uses lots of different keys, it sometimes gets dificult for a translator to translate the current phrase correctly. He often does not know in which context the phrase is shown in the target application. Especially when the key names are not prefixed wisely it is hard to guess where the translated text is shown.

We got a lot of feedback for this common issue. Many different approaches popped up like adding a screenshot to each key or tagging them. But since this would mean a lot of additional maintaining efforts we are pretty sure, that it is just a question of time until the screenshots and/or tags are not up to date and therefor wouldn't be helpful anymore.
That's why we thought of a completely different approach that doesn't need any additional maintaining: an external connector.

A connector is placed in the target application, e.g in OXID. It collects all keys and their translations from the current page. Clicking on an icon sends this list to oTranCe. The translator now can see and translate the list in oTranCe. The advantage is, that the context in which the keys are used is known.

Since the formerly shown text is also part of the list any translator now should know where which key is used.

The look in oTranCe

After the list is transmitted to oTranCe it looks like this:

The row "Value in application" contains the text that was shown on the page from where the list was transmitted to oTranCe.
As you can see the list respects all settings of the currently logged in user (edit permissions and selected reference languages).

From here you can inline edit phrases by clicking the pen icon or call the detail edit view by clicking on the text.

This list of keys is saved to the session and is valid until the session is closed or the external connector sends another list. That means that you can navigate to other menu items; when you come back to the menu item "Connector" the list still is present.

After changing a text in oTranCe it is not automagically published to the target application. The update process that grabs the current language packs and pushes them into the target application is totally up to the administrator of the external application. So we can't tell you when your changes are visible.


Administrators that want to create a connector for their application can read more here.

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