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Create your own theme

Themes are located as sub folders in public/css/.

If you want to change the look and feel you can copy the standard theme otc and change this to fulfill your needs.

  • Create a new sub folder with the name of your theme, e.g. public/css/myTheme (don't use special chars like space, slash or backslash).
  • Edit the file application/configs/config.ini and set the parameter theme (located in the section [interface]) to the name of your new theme folder:

    theme = "myTheme"
  • Delete the oTranCe cookie to force reloading of the projects settings including the new theme name.
  • Now you can edit the files located at public/css/myTheme until you are satisfied with the result.
  • While working on your theme don't forget to force the browser to reload the css file in order to see the changes (STRG+R).

In future versions we will add the possibility to select the standard theme from the gui which will automatically do the cookie stuff. For now you'll have to delete the cookie manually.