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Once you have adjusted the file templates for your project and a suitable importer for your project is available, you probably want to import already existing translations into your oTranCe installation. Also, some community members might want to chip in your project and contribute ready to use translated files.

  • Go to the Import section of your oTranCe installation for this purpose.
  • Select the target language, the target file, the importer to use and upload your file from your hard drive. Alternatively, you can copy the content of the file you want to import and paste it into the empty grey field.
  • If you discover "weird" looking characters you can convert them now: select a character set in the select box and hit the button "Convert data from". You can try different character sets until the text looks okay.

Please note:

oTranCe will store and export all language files in UTF-8 only. UTF-8 is the most powerful, most used character encoding today, makes the most sense if your website shall appear in different languages and is configured on nearly every server today. 

  • Once everything looks alright start to analyze the data by hitting the appropriate button.
  • After analyzing your data, a sheet will appear with the keys and translations for import. Additionally, a yellow popup will tell you some figures about the import you plan.

  • Have a glance over your data again and decide if everything fits. Hit the button "Import to database" now.
  • The yellow popup to the right will now change immediately and inform you about the status of your import. At the end of this process, another popup will tell you that your import was done successfully and what to do next: either edit your entries (leads you to Translations) or import another file which will start this procedure again.

Please note

A user can import data (keys, languages) according to the assigned rights. That means, for example, if you don't want to allow a user to import language keys, ditch this right for this user before.




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