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First of all, find the language you can understand best for the oTranCe GUI on the top right corner. If you can provide other languages to help translating oTranCe by itself, please refer to and register to this project like described in this article (wink)

By default, oTranCe cannot be entered by everybody unless the administrator of the site added - for example - a default guest account with a fixed rights & role configuration. For this reason and if you feel able to provide translations for the project that uses oTranCe for translations, you first have to register. Please click on the appropriate link "register", marked in this screenshot:

On the following page you'll find a form asking for

  • your user name (can be used by administrators in language file headers),
  • the password you want to use (can be changed afterwards, of course),
  • your real name and your email address,

so the administrator can get in personal touch with you and can activate your user account. Please also provide

  • the already existing language you can help to translate if it is already existing or
  • provide the name of the language that you additionally are willing to maintain in both, English and the vernacular language.


Once you're finished, you will see a message with the information that the registration was successful and the administrator will activate it soon. And this is exactly, what the administrator will do as soon as he gets this information by email. Please note: you cannot log in until your translator account has manually been activated by the administrator. 

Once the administrator activated your account you'll receive an email with this notification.

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