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Wiki of oTranCe

This is the home of the oTranCe space.

oTranCe is an online translation center that offers your translators an easy to use web gui for maintaining your multilingual language files.

It is written in PHP and MySQL and therefore can be used on any server that has both components installed.

oTranCe started as a sub project of MySQLDumper. We needed a way to easily maintain our language files. While most of the translators are no "professionals" and were not used to using tools like poedit, we created our own solution. The web gui allows anyone to edit entries without being confrontated with technical things. Anybody who wants to help translating is now able to do so.

As there are many other open source projects out there, which do have nearly the same requirements, I felt it is a good idea to open this project to the public.

So here it is. 

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