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  • Create a new sub folder with the name of your theme, e.g. public/css/myTheme (don't use special chars like space, slash or backslash).If you are working with a subversion checkout version of oTranCe, make sure you are copying from an svn exported version leaving out the .svn folders.
  • Edit the file application/configs/config.ini and set the parameter theme (located in the section [interface]) to the name of your new filetheme folder:

    Code Block
    theme = "myTheme"
  • Delete the oTranCe cookie to force reloading of the projects settings including the new theme name.
  • Now you can edit the files located at public/css/myTheme until you are satisfied with the result.
  • While working on your theme don't forget to force the browser to reload the css file in order to see the changes (STRG+R).